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Sturgeon Creek Marina, Inc. can accommodate all of your boat storage needs. We offer a variety of storage options including Land Storage, Wet Slips and Covered Wet Slips. Our Land storage area is the largest on Lake Anna and is completely fenced in and locked from dark until dawn year round. Our Wet Slips are located in Sturgeon Creek safely inside our No Wake zone.
Land Storage
$65.00 per month
or $550.00 per year
There is 2 month minimum
required for land storage
Rates Include free use of Ramps & Facility
Open Wet Slips - 30'
$1225.00 per year
Rates Include
Parking for 2 vehicles
Use of the Facility
Covered Wet Slips
$1,550.00 per year (24' Slip)
$1,750.00 per year (30' Slip)
Rates Include
Parking for 2 vehicles
Free Use of our Facility
Contact Information
Sturgeon Creek Marina, Inc
5107 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, VA. 22551
Phone 540-895-5095
Fax 540-895-5818