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Winter Fishing Report
Courtesy of Wayne Olsen's Guide Service
Up-lake Mid-Lake Down-Lake
Water Temperature
40 43 46
Water Clarity
Stain Clear Clear
Water Level
3" High 3" High 33" High
** Upper lake is experiencing widespread freezing, lots of ice, use caution **


Jan and Feb is going to be winter fishing. The last two mornings have been 7 degrees! You can catch bass in the winter but you must fish SLOW. My favorite bait in the winter is a single blade 1/2 to 3/4 oz big mouth spinner bait. Work it SLOW on the bottom. Shakey head and suspending jerk baits are also favorites. Fish main lake points and coves where the channel is close by. Don't forget jig and pig.

Best Baits Best Areas of Lake Best Depth
spinner baits All 10'-25'
shakey head All 10'-25'
suspending jerk bait All 8'-14'

They have moved back to the mid lake area, also at dike III. They are being caught trolling, dragging live bait, casting and vertical jigging. Watch for the birds. Don't let the loones fool you. Try and find striper on your electronics and vertical jig them.

Best Baits Best Areas of Lake Best Depth
live bait mid - dam 14'-25'
deep diving plugs '' 10'-25'
spoons '' bottom

The crappie are locked in on a winter pattern. Deep docks, river channels, bridge pilings, trash piles, and rock piles are all good bets.

Best Baits Best Areas of Lake Best Depth
minnows & grubs mid - up 14' to 25'
small crank baits '' 10' to 25'
Monthly Reports

Lake Anna Report – April

Charlie Bowles- Fishing Guide


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Bass Pro Shops

Johnny Morris Carbonlite Rods and Reels

Lowrance Electronics

Seaguar Flourocarbon

Deep Creek Plastics

Big Mouth Lures

Water temperatures are approaching the 60’s and the fish are very active. All species of fish are feeding up, spawning, or getting ready to do so. The water levels on the lake have almost returned to normal and some of the “old spots” are producing. All of the Grass beds that were above the water line are now submerged and full of forage for big predators to feed on. Docks, stumps, and shallow coves will also have all kinds of activity.


As the water temps reach the mid 60’s bass can cover a lot of territory and be in several different patterns. Not all bass spawn at the same time, so it is important to try to identify what is going on in different areas. Try checking several coves that are protected from the wind with stump fields or sandy/gravel bottoms. If you locate these conditions there will be bass nearby. When targeting stump fields try a Carolina rig on 14 pound mono with a ½ ounce sinker above a barrel swivel, then attach an 18 inch 10 to 12 pound test fluorocarbon liter. Lizards, creatures, and chunky worms in reds, browns, and greens are very effective in this situation. If you have decided to target bedding fish, locate them with a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Try using a finesse rod and reel with 8 to 10 lb fishing line rigged with a weightless fluke, lizard, craw, or wacky style senko. Please be very careful with bedding fish and return them to the water as quickly as you can. They are very vulnerable and should be handled as little as possible. There are several other patterns that can produce fish, such as running crank baits over top of brush piles or humps or using suspending jerk baits in 8 to 12 feet of water. All of these techniques are great ways to catch pre spawn, spawn, post spawn bass.


Stripers will be all over the lake getting ready to spawn. The Striped bass in Lake Anna will go through a spawning ”ritual”, but are unable to actually reproduce. The lack of current inhibits oxygenation of the eggs causing extremely low survival (if any). DGIF keeps our fishery thriving with 250,000 fingerlings a year. Stripers are very active in the morning hours and late evening along with cloudy and rainy days. Try casting suspending jerk baits, Swimbaits, and flukes to shallow humps or long tapering points leading to creek channels. Live bait will also work very well with down lines and free lines. Make sure to locate the fish with your sonar and make every effort to not spook them.


Brushpiles, Grass, Beaver huts, Docks, and Rocks… All types of shallow cover will hold slabs this month… 2 inch pearl grubs and live minnows will catch the vast majority of slabs

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